Many people throughout the world are struggling to get by and function. Economic tough times have spread across this planet and forced people into moments they never expected. Many struggle to make something out of nothing, but only few people achieve their goals and objectives. Reason? Because they kept pushing till failure turns to something spontaneous. If we look far and wide, we will see just how many people have it in life, compared to those that scavenge trash sites for food to survive.


When we struggle to make it in life, everything seems may look difficult and bad. At times we we may feel like giving up everything, often we feel hopeless and full of despair we may even go as far as asking ourselves some questions as how long will I keep trying? When will all these issues come to an end? When will I celebrate like others? So many questions but yet answers usually elude us. As I always tell my girlfriend, storms never last. We constantly have to be persistent in our struggle to make something out of nothing, in our effort to create value out of nonentity.

We have to be proactive and focused because if we succumb to the despair crawling around us, we will write our own prophecy that things won’t get better. I’ve gone through some pretty tough and rough times myself. Growing up in such luxury and suddenly it looks like everything has been grasped away from me in a twinkle of an eye. Battling with being an orphan at such a tender stage in life and battling with how to make it in life. It made me a stronger person, my pains remoulded me into becoming a better person.

At times, if I look back and see how far I’ve gone, though not too far (but that 7 year old girl that actually lost the most precious gift any child could ever ask for (her parents)) is actually growing into something. So many people wouldn’t understand this. Life is not a bed of roses, you must be pricked by thorns, even the richest person on earth still has something that bothers him/her.

As tough as it gets in a day, I kept telling myself that there are brighter days ahead, I always try to keep my mind focused in getting past the situation as I look for opportunities that may be just ahead in my life. It doesn’t make the days easier but at least gave me hope. The more hope I have, the less despair I wallow in until God grants a way of escape.

You know what God did for me?

HE Provided me with guardians that have done so much for me, that have made me go this far in life (will still write about it) and up till this moment, everything is working together for my own good. What I am saying is this, there must be difficulties, tough αи∂ rough times will always come, they are there so you will struggle your way through them.

It’s never possible to succeed without suffering. Its always pain before gain. So my point remains, no matter what situation you are in, don’t give up. Keep pushing, keep pushing!!!

You heard me, keep pushing till you push through and push aside those troubles……because within you lies an inner hidden strength.

Αnd it takes only you and just you to discover it.


Expect the best αи∂ live joyously. Expect the best out of life. To begin living joyfully, we need ti expect that life will be joyous. If you go around expecting doom αи∂ gloom, you will probably end up encountering it αи∂ really Is that the way to live? Is that the way forward? Is that the best way to go about things? Don’t you think been pessimistic about every situation won’t help?


I know I somehow messed up in one of the courses I wrote last semester, not like I didn’t study , in fact that course was one of the courses I spent so much time reading αи∂ I ended up making silly mistakes that will cost much scores….. but yet I am expecting the best out of it, and I have whispered my prayers to God αи∂ my heart desires he will fulfill.  Truth be told, expecting the best out of every situation brings so much immediate relief. Because it means you have done your part as human αи∂ now you have so much faith that God will turn around the situation to favour You…

Are you among those who harbour such thoughts in their heart as ” nothing ever goes well with me” , my life is so hard αи∂ full of bad things” ….if you are, can I make a suggestion for you?   Get out of your own way! Get rid of such thoughts from your heart because  If you operate with such mindset, things will keep deteriorating, things will keep worsening, the situation will never get better, it will all be struggle without profits. You won’t ever be lucky, in fact life will suck.

There are limiting mindsets that are not encouraging †ђξ universe to bring you gifts or lucks. What you focus on expands, lemme say that again because its very vital, what you focus on expands. If you are focusing on how hard life is, then life will keep dragging you to the mud. The more you think about that, the more depressed you become, the more ugly the situation becomes. As Mike Dooley says “thoughts become things, so choose the good ones”.

How do you want life to be? Do you want life to flow along harmoniously? Do you want money αи∂ love αи∂ fun to show up in your life easily αи∂ joyfully? If you don’t, I do!!!!! If you are thinking these negative thoughts, it may be because you haven’t known any better. You don’t realize how much your thoughts create your reality or maybe you have a deep-seeded fear of success, or an unknown or of failure so you tell yourself these limiting thoughts to keep you in your comfort zone.

You get back what you put out. In other words, life is what you make of it. It sounds cliche but its true. When you focus on those things that brings down †ђξ ugly part of life towards you, it saps your energy αи∂ depress your mood, that is how downward spirals operate αи∂ if you position your thoughts that way, more craps will keep coming αи∂ so forth. What you are witnessing in life  is a direct response to what you are thinking αи∂ feeling.

When you expect the best everyday, you are open to receiving all of what you have been asking for, so open your mind for possibilities, open your mind for positivity, expect the best out of every situation no matter how bad you think it it….slash all devils plans with prayers αи∂ get the best .


When it comes to abundance and prosperity, expectations are very important. Expectations can be powerful especially if they are backed up with firm convictions αи∂ unwavering faith. Yes, you heard me, unwavering faith!


So how do you know you have faith? How do you get faith? You get faith by studying the word. Study the word until something in you knows that you know αи∂ that you do not just hope that you know, feed yourself with positive words αи∂ starve your doubts, you can’t stand effectively on blind faith, faith is belief with strong conviction, firm belief in something for which there may be no tangible proof, complete trust in or devotion to and it is actually the opposite of doubt.

There are a couple of ways by which one can get what he expects , First you must choose to expect the best in every situation. This will be challenging if you don’t have full control of your thoughts yet. If you haven’t developed a strong focus, you will probably keep vacillating back αи∂ forth between random thoughts αи∂ focused thoughts until you train your mind. Simply keep at it, keep saying things like “I know this is going to work out best”, or I know I will turn this situation to my advantage somehow”, or I expect the best αи∂ the best will always come to me.

Secondly, avoid negative talk like a plague. You see? We are back again to negative/positive thinking. These negative talks include complaining of what you don’t have instead of been grateful to God for what you have, arguing on vain things or doom predictions, anything that drags down your emotions αи∂ contradicts your positive expectations. You also have to limit the amount of time you spend with negative people, try to always phrase your statements in a positive way.

Finally know that your expectation will come true , you may wonder how to “know when you really don’t know yet! If it hasn’t happened yet, how can you be sure it will? This type of knowing is based solely on your faith, you are choosing to know. In order to really know, you are going to have to completely mind, whenever they pop up, just ignore them αи∂ strongly affirm that your expectations must happen.

These three simple things can make a world difference in your ability to get what you expect out of life αи∂ when the actualization starts showing up in your life, you will be able to add that much more faith αи∂ confidence to your expectations which will make them still effective.

Extract from my book titled “Realities of Life”

Arsenal 2014/2015 Season: Progress or Regression (Conclusion).

The skeptics of an Arsenal progress in the 2014/2015 season would point to the last three games of the season as a brutally honest assessment of what is surely an endemic problem with the current Arsenal side. The home game against Swansea exposed the team as a side lacking the requisite creativity in the final third to break down a well organized side like Swansea. And the obvious lack of physicality of the team was laid bare again when Gomis, the Swansea forward, towered above the Arsenal defense to score the only goal of the match late in the second half. This was exactly what happened in the reverse fixture at the Liberty stadium in Swansea. Gomis it was who headed in a late winner, towering above and out-muscling his marker to score a late winner.


Against Sunderland, a replica situation was repeated minus the late goal. Against a team needing just a point to avoid relegation, Arsenal lacked the guile to unlock a resolute Sunderland defense arranged in two banks of five. The match was a sleep-inducing encounter. Predictable and aimless passing of the ball around the Sunderland box for almost the duration of the match. That an emphatic 4-1 victory was achieved against West Brom in the final match just proved a point about the lack of progress. That result was against a team that had nothing to play for, in which case Arsenal was able to turn on the style and make football a joy to watch. But the abiding feeling is, can Arsenal grind out results against tough opponents bent on packing the bus?

The champions league campaign was again a disappointment. It was thought this was the season for Arsenal to progress beyond its perennial second round elimination by topping the table in the group stages thereby avoiding a strong team in the 1st knock out phase of the competition. What happened was ultimately a farce. Losing spinelessly in the very first match at Borussia Dortmund and a ridiculous 3-3 draw at home to Anderlect of Belgium saw the Arsenal coming second again. In any case, the second round draw pitted the team against France’s Monaco in what many saw as a soft opponent. For the first time in a long time, Aresenal were now the favourites to advance to the quarter finals. But in typical Arsenal style, Wenger’s boys somehow conspired to lose the tie.

A repeat of the previous years where the home leg was woefully lost, making the away leg a mountain too high to overcome in the second leg. Too little too late was the case again against Monaco. The Capital One Cup too did not bring any respite to the supporters. The team was eliminated ignominiously in the very first tie, losing at home to Southampton by 1-2. This was really a let down for the club because this was the one competition were youngsters on the fringes of the first team were given a shot at playing on the big stage.

For the supporters, the early Capital One Cup elimination deprived them of seeing more of the club’s hugely talented youngsters like Gedion Zelalem and Chuba Akpom. The way forward for Arsenal as far as most supporters are concerned should be the addition of a proven world class striker. The feeling is that, Olivier Giroud, after three seasons, has proven that he cannot be relied on to push the team to glory. And Danny Welbeck, even though technically better than Giroud, is not an outright goal scorer.

To put it another way, a competent striker is needed to complement the attack with Alexis Sanchez (the signing of the season) operating from the flanks. This summer’s transfer window would show if Wenger agrees with the assessment that the addition of a proven striker is the last piece in a jigsaw that, over a decade later, is yet to be completed.

Arsenal 2014/2015 Season: Progress or Regression (Part 1)

The 2014/2015 football season has come and gone. For Arsenal, the season climaxed on the 30th of last month with an accomplished 4-0 defeat of Aston Villa at Wembley. This victory made Arsene Wenger the most successful manager in FA cups with 6 wins and the club the most successful with 12 wins. But for keen watchers of the club the burning queation is, ‘Has there been any progress from last season?’ One’s stance on the issue depends on one’s definition of progress. Some of the raw statistics are these: in the 2013/2014 season, Arsenal ended the season in 4th place, 7 points behind the champions, Manchester City.

This season, it was 3rd, 12 points behind eventual champions Chelsea. Another grim statistics is this, the 3rd place finish was achieved with a lower points tally when compared to last year’s 4th position. 75 points as against 79 points in 2014. For those who insist progress was made this season, one good point in their favour is that by placing third, Arsenal qualified automatically for the group stages of the champions league as against the perennial 4th place ‘trophy’ which is constantly used as a stick to beat the team with. So that is progress in a sense. But the naysayers would argue strongly that this year’s third place finish was largely due to the collapse of Liverpool who were shorn of their brightest talent, Luis Suarez.

Liverpool were not able to fill the Suarez- sized crater created by the departure of the striker to Barcelona last summer. But statistics can be misleading when judging a team over the course of a full season. The fact is, Arsenal started the season badly, tottering from one mediocre performance to the next. This was due mainly to the post world cup fatigue that affected several key players like Ozil and Mertesacker; and of course the perennial injuries bedeviling the team every year also played a major role at the beginning of the season. The addition of Alexis Sanchez gave room for a lot of optimism at the beginning, but even he could not lift the team from that early season malaise. A single player can only do so much.

The turning point for most people after such a poor start to the season was the 0-2 defeat of the reigning champions, Manchester City, at the Etihad stadium. Putting this in the context of the 2014/2015 season where Arsenal lost all her away games to the top teams, it heralded what many called a new dawn. And that result was no fluke either. Against the top teams this season, the team lost only to Chelsea(2-0) away from home. But even that loss was a marked improvement from the catastrophic 6-0 loss suffered at the feet of the same opponent last year. That 6-0 defeat was in addition to the 5-1 loss to Liverpool at Anfield and the 6-3 loss to Man City at the Etihad. These are some of the results some point to as a sign the team has really progressed to a team that can hold its own against the big boys.

The other side of the divide would point to this glaring fact; last season Arsenal lead the table for a large swathe of the season. In fact, as of February 2015, Arsenal was leading the table by 5 points. Even with the post-February collapse, Arsenal was still in the title race right up to April. Fact is, the disappointment of that faltered league campaign that promised so much in the beginning was only ameliorated by that nervy nail-biting FA cup win over Hull city, bringing to an end the 10 year trophy drought.


This article is a self-approach to career choosing and will give you a guide on how to choose your career so as to make decisions you won’t regret. Read on:

While choosing a career, there are basic principles you need to know and take into consideration, they are;


KNOW YOURSELF: Figuring out what you should do with your life may sometimes require you to get to know yourself better. Know your strengths, values, personality and skills. This will help you decide which choice best fits you. Know your options too and learn about each one of them.

CONSIDER YOUR DREAM CAREER: Think about what you would do if you don’t have to work, if you had a million naira and you could do anything, what would you venture into? The answer to this question will literally give you an insight on what your dream career is. For instance, you will consider going into audio engineering or music composition if you are good with music. If you want to be an actor or actress, you will consider going into school to study about Media broadcasting or Theatre Arts. You can get a degree in communications or work your way up the chain of command in a local news or other television Studio. If you have interest in traveling around the world, then becoming a pilot or a steward in an airline can be a starting point to pursue your dream of traveling. These careers are easy to pursue ??? you will be much more likely to survive and provide for yourself in the future.

CONSIDER YOUR HOBBIES: Many hobbies corresponds to real world needs and positions. Consider what you like doing and how that might fit into a career. Someone that likes sports should consider going into sports like football, volley ball and the likes of it depending on the one you like.

CONSIDER YOUR SKILLS: Think about the basic skills you have, for instance if you like fixing things or making things, this can provide you with a great future career. Schooling may or may not be necessary but skilled labour is often in demand and you will find it fairly easy to find work. For someone that likes repairing or fixing things, you can go into carpentry or furniture making, auto repair, construction or electrical work. These are all stable paying jobs. Other skills like cooking can also turn into a career. Will use my mum as an example, she’s a very good cook and right now, she’s making her millions with cooking at occasions and events. Such skills can also make someone start up a restaurant or fast food. Someone that knows how to fix hairs can start up a salon and the list goes on. It just entails engaging yourself into abrupt and deep thinking to find out what one is really good at and can do well.

CONSIDER FINANCIAL CONSTRAINTS: Your ability to pursue or change careers may hinge on your financial situation. Some career path require special schooling and this is sometimes expensive. However , you should not feel that being poor bares you from getting the education you want, there are lots of Govt. Programs (though rare in Nigeria) that will help you pay for schools, also look up for Scholarships, grants and apprenticeship programs.

CONSIDER THE CAREERS YOU HAVE EASY ACCESS TO: Considering what career choices are available for you to easily move into . These would be careers in which you have both the necessary skills in, an example is working in the same company as your parents, working for a family business or working for a friend. If your options are limited, choosing a career in which you can quickly enter may be your best option.

In conclusion, people rarely know right away what career they should pursue or be in and it takes most people several years to settle into and path they will follow. Don’t feel like you are behind of you don’t like your career, change it. Sometimes it takes more work especially if you are older but its possible for everyone.


Are you tired of praying and suddenly want to stop?

Are you losing hope because you have prayed too much and your situation still hasn’t changed?

How long have you prayed about that stubborn situation that is making you double minded towards continuous prayers?

 Do you remember the consistency of the woman in Luke 18:1-8? Or was it not through fervent prayers that Hannah who was childless for years got pregnant and gave birth to Samuel?

Do you believe that nothing is impossible for God to do? Luke 1:37.

The doctors had already given up hope on Sister Caterina Capitani, a young reverend sister in the congregation of Daughters of Love. They told her family and congregation that it was a miracle she was still alive but that all hope was lost because she would not survive. Sister Caterina was suffering from multiple stomach ulcer. Her stomach was cut open a number of times in an operation but her condition got worse by the day, she lost so much weight, she felt terrible pains, she constantly vomited blood in torrents , she ate only liquid food through a pipe and the wound of the operation on her stomach refused to heal such that when she eats, the food would gush forth from her open stomach.

She was transferred from one hospital to another but there was no change, the situation only kept worsening. Though everybody, her fellow sisters, family and friends were all praying for her recovery, there was no hope. Sister Caterina said: “One day, a sister gave me a holy picture of Pope John XXIII ??? together with the sisters, I started a novena prayer to God through John XXIII’s intercession. I placed his holy picture close to the wound on my stomach. I prayed constantly but yet I resigned myself to the will of God.

Then one afternoon, around 2pm, I was lying down alone in the hospital room and was thinking of how my life was slowly passing away . Then suddenly, I heard a gentle male voice call me by my name, “Sister Caterina”. I thought it was the doctor but when I turned and looked by my side, I saw Pope John XXIII standing by the side of my bed. He was wearing a pontifical robe that was not white. He touched my hand gently ??? said to me ” You have prayed a lot ??? many other people have prayed too. You drew this miracle from my heart. Today, God has answered your prayers . You are no longer ill, you are healthy.

That wound on your stomach is no longer there. It has been so long since you were able to eat, so call the sisters to bring food for you. The doctors will examine you, but they will no longer find anything, I want you to write everything about this experience ??? the testimony ??? give to your superiors, because it will be useful later. Know that you suffered so that your salvation will come true. Come to Rome ??? pray on my grave, am waiting for you,”. The vision disappeared.

That afternoon, Sister Caterina who had not stood up or sat down for months was walking around; she ate normally with a great appetite ??? the wound on her stomach had instantly healed and totally disappeared and no one could explain what or how it happened. The doctors could not give any medical or scientific explanation for the whole thing. Everyone was dumbfounded ??? praised God. Now from the story of sister Catherina, she prayed fervently, she continued praying even to the extent of starting a novena which was an intercessory prayer wrote by Pope John XXIII. She never allowed her worsening situation to discourage her. She prayed earnestly ??? one day God heard ??? answered her. She received her healing instantly. What would have happened to Sister Catherina had it been she gave up praying? So many times in life, we are faced with trials ??? ugly situations that weakens even our spiritual life. As Christians, this is not supposed to be. We have to continually call unto God for his divine grace ??? help. Truly, If not for God ??? the little prayers we mutter everyday, some pray once in a week, others every 2days or not at all, worst things could have happened to us, its just his grace that’s sufficient for our survival.

Let us learn to pray, have faith ??? be persistent in praying to God, do not allow any multifaceted ugly situation make you weak…. Pray earnestly ??? wait patiently for God because if I have ever learnt anything from my life experiences alone, I will tell you that God is the only person that will never fail YOU. Just pray ??? trust in him ??? watch everything fall into place for you


Appreciation is the act of giving something or someone their proper value and everybody has a value. Value in a relationship is important because it lets a person know where they stand and what they mean to you; appreciation is a way of letting that person know their worth in your life.


When someone is dedicated to a relationship and they don’t know how valuable they are to that partnership, it changes how they feel or function, and how they operate in that union. When a person believes that you don’t value them they tend to devalue the relationship they are in. But, apart from appreciating someone you are in a relationship with, there are others people that need to be appreciated in our lives.

Sometimes, we come across people that we need to say thank you to, but don’t know how to. Learning how to appreciate others will help us live a better life . It shows how much we value people and this goes a long way in making them feel better and even go the extra mile just to make us happy. It benefits nothing to be an ingrate. It doesn’t really pay, it will only earn worst attitudes from maybe our peers, friends, family and loved ones.

This is how to appreciate;

Start by Appreciating the world around you: Take a few moments in each day and look at things around you, smile at them and imagine what the world will look like without them. If you are a married man, look at your wife, smile at your kids, play with them, just imagine what the world will be without those precious gifts surrounding you, appreciate nature and be thankful for their existence.

Tell a friend how much you appreciate them in your life. Do not underestimate their positive impact in your life. Good friends are very precious and very hard to come by. Don’t think you can have anybody at your beck and call, it doesn’t work that way, there are good people and the bad news here is that they are very few. So if you were opportuned to having one of them, appreciate him/her, not appreciating their presence in our lives is a very mean attitude and may cost you such a rare gem.

Learn to verbalize your appreciation, appreciate yourself, at the end of each day, ask yourself ” what can I truly be proud of today? What was that stressful work that drained your strength? Appreciate yourself and be happy that you actually achieved something that day. Appreciate others kind gestures towards you, make them realize that their efforts or contributions in your life is wholly appreciated, don’t neglect those little things they did and say it doesn’t matter, they really do matter.

Just be grateful no matter how small. After reading this, then I’d want you to appreciate people who had made you smile at one point in your life, those who had inspired and motivated you, who stood by you in your trying moments and worst moments of your life. Who are they? Be specific, let the universe know who they are and how they made impact in your life.

Be proud and say thank you to somebody today….


Your Words, Your Dreams and Your Thoughts have the power to create conditions in your life.

What You speak about, You can bring about, speak positively and see positive things happening in your life……Yes life has its ups and downs, as a matter of fact, it will swirl you to different directions but, that’s not enough reason to believe you are a failure… Just look at this :


I Have this friend of mine that practically complains about everything in her life, she’d say , Oh! My head is big, I wish I had straight legs…..and the list goes on, want to know what happened later? She had a fatal accident and had one of her legs cut off, now if you are in this position won’t you go back to wishing to had the worst legs just to get your two legs back? If you keep saying you can’t stand your car, it could be stolen or just stop operating or worst things might even happen to it and remember, there are thousands of people that trek to work every morning, so why not appreciate your car and stop complaining?.

If you keep saying you can’t trust a man or woman / you will never find the right or perfect person for you, you will end up not trusting or finding them and you will keep meeting people that will hurt and betray you. And if you are single and you keep saying I don’t trust men or women, remember your age mates are getting married every Saturday, so tell me, are they getting married to rocks? If you keep feeding your mind with such thoughts, believe me, you will never meet a trustworthy person.

If you keep saying you can’t find someone to love or believe in you, your very thought will attract more ugly experiences to confirm your beliefs and if You are Married and you keep wishing you are single, you will eventually end up like that one day. Turn your thoughts and conversations around to be more positive and power packed with faith, hope , love and action.. Be positive and believe in God’s perfect plan even if it doesn’t make sense.

Don’t be afraid to believe that you can have what you want and deserve.. Watch your words, they become actions Watch your actions, they become habits Watch your habits, they become character Watch your character, they become your destiny So To prevent any obstacles, get out of your own way, Enjoy every minute you live for as long as there is life, there is hope. Just keep trying and trusting God, everything will eventually be okay…

Just give it time and remember, be positive!

What Is The Concept Behind Web 2.0?

The term “Web 2.0” was first used in January 1999 by Darcy DiNucci, a consultant on electronic information design (information architecture). In her article, “Fragmented Future”, DiNucci writes: The Web we know now, which loads into a browser window in essentially static screenfuls, is only an embryo of the Web to come. The first glimmerings of Web 2.0 are beginning to appear, and we are just starting to see how that embryo might develop.


The Web will be understood not as screenplays of text and graphics but as a transport mechanism, the ether through which interactivity happens. It will appear on your computer screen, on your TV set, your car dashboard, your cell phone, hand-held game machines, maybe even your microwave oven. However, The term Web 2.0 wasn’t so popular until it became popularized by Tim O’Reily and Dale Dougherty in a conference held by Media and Media Live/Web 2.0 in 2004. The idealogy/concept behind the term was that the way users interact with the internet was bound to change.

This change was to be brought about by “changes in how web pages are made and used” and not “by any modification of the World Wide Web (WWW) or introduction of a new version of the Internet”. Initially or during the Web 1.0, users only went about viewing and/or downloading contents posted on websites, without having any other engaging communication with the websites. However Web 2.0 which is a term given to describe a second generation of the World Wide Web that is focused on the ability of internet users to interact with the web pages as well as one another online.

This is made possible today with the introduction of commenting, content-sharing and social media. Seeing Darcy DiNucci idea of the future of the Web has been met in this current time (including Internet at the finger tips, i.e, access to the the Internet 24/7 through the use of mobile phones, laptops, tablets, modems, Wi-Fi, as well as television, gaming gadgets, etc), we can thus safely describe or define Web 2.0 as the current state of online technology as compared to the early days of the Web, in which it’s greatest significance is that users spend more time to collaborate and interact with the Web through engagement platforms introduced to Webpages to encourage this feat. Some important elements being Wikis, Blogs, Social networks, forums, etc.