Looking good is not about the number on your clothing tags, but about dressing yourself in a way that makes you feel comfortable and shows off your features. It's time to use fashion to make the most of your curves.

Avoid horizontal stripes: Stripes are okay on plus size clothing if they are diagonal or vertical. If you want to look larger in the bust area, horizontal stripes will enhance the bust line.

When you're considering goals for yourself, don't forget to examine your work life. What changes could you make to become more productive, what habits should you do away with?

Not promoting your own work:

Being tall doesn't make it impossible for you to turn heads or make a fashion statement wherever you find yourself. To dress well as a tall girl, you just have to make the most of your sexy long legs and show off your height with style and class.

Wear Beautiful Shoes:

As a tall woman, It's the reaction other people have when they see your immense height and they have to check your feet immediately to determine whether you're wearing heels. Take advantage of all the extra attention your feet receive. It doesn't matter if you prefer heels, flats or athletic shoes, just choose beautiful shoes that deserve to be stared at.

Don't avoid Heels:

Intimacy is about being emotionally close to your partner, about being able to let your guard down, and let him or her know how you really feel. Intimacy is also about being able to accept and share in your partner's feelings, about being there when he/she wants to let their defenses down. To be able to share our 'inner-world' with a partner we love and to be able to share our partner's experiences, is one of the most rewarding aspects of a relationship. Intimacy does not often need words, but being able to put feelings and experiences into words makes intimacy more likely to occur. Intimacy involves being able to share the whole range of feelings and experiences we have as human beings - pain and sadness, as well as happiness and love.

I have seen most men maltreat their women, disrespect her, cheat on her. Hit her whenever they have the chance to and they do all these believing she loves too much to walk away because they know most women are naturally soft. It's just their nature and they can't change. And so these guys believe they can always talk and pamper their way out of any situation.

Let me brief you on this:




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1: 1,000 Units = ₦3.00

1,001: 5,000 Units = ₦2.80

5,001: 10,000 Units = ₦2.50

10,001: 20,000 Units = ₦2.30

20,001: 100,000 Units = ₦2.00

100,001: 1,000,000 Units = ₦1.90

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